El Progreso

EL PROGRESO is the oldest wine cooperative in Spain with uninterrupted activity since its beginnings, founded in 1917.

We produce an average of 80 million liters of wine each harvest, carefully selecting the best fruit for the production of our bottled products.

Versatility and capacity to adapt to new markets, clients, and challenges that may arise, together with a great passion for what we do.

Our olive varieties range from organic farming: cornicabra, picual, and arbequina. Greenish yellow, intense fruity with notes of grass, tomato, artichoke, and almond with 7 million liters of EVOO each year from only the best olives. 


Manufacturer and laboratory of professional hairdressing products, cosmetics, and solar since 1975. Including Pets.

Innovative and Sustainable Bar Cosmetic Products, without soap, vegan, animal and environmentally friendly. For body and facial care.

Professional Premium Hairdressing Products, Innovators and pioneer hair cosmetic for the professional hairdressing and pharmacy sector, meeting the most demanding expectations of professionals and end consumers.

Range of cosmetics products for body care formulated based on the latest market trends. These products have been developed to cover all your body care needs and they bear the seal of innovative cosmetics.

The face and the skin are the mirror of the soul, which is why we have created a range of facial care products. Each product has been formulated to meet the needs of every skin, using natural ingredients while respecting the environment.

We, at D’Bullón, faithful to our traditional and long experience, have developed this professional cosmetics line that meets the highest quality standards and satisfies the demanding needs of the international market.

This range of sunscreen products is formulated for the whole family and suitable for any activity under the sun. All products in this range protect the skin from the effects of the sun, have been dermatologically tested and have multiple functions: Hydration, Boosters accelerators, and Water resistant.

PETUXE, is a brand of high professional cosmetics for pets. As main characteristics, we can highlight that we are a 100% Vegan, Eco-Friendly and environmentally friendly brand. environmentally friendly.

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An international benchmark with projects on three continents.

  • Integrated project management.
  • Purchasing and supplier management.
  • Grants and subsidies management.
  • Construction and project management.
  • Viticulture and enology consulting.
  • Wine marketing and communication.
  • Business strategy and planning.
  • Technical auditing and strategic consulting.
  • Food quality standards IFS, BRC, ISO 22.000.
  • cc60 – Estudio de Arquitectura.
  • 3D3 ingeniería.
  • SAIS – Soluciones Arquitectónicas e Ingeniería de Sistemas.
  • Clevertis – Direccion Financiera Empresarial.
  • Magic Circus – Diseño Gráfico.
  • vitivin – Comunidad vitivinícola profesional.
beer, soft drinks & water
Font Salem

Leading manufacturer in private-label products and co-packing of beer, soft drinks and water in Spain and Portugal.

  • 3 production plants.
  • Spanish leader in private label & co-packing of beer and soft drinks.
  • +9MM hectoliter/year.
  • 16 production lines.
  • 15 different formats either can, pet bottle glass or kegs.
  • Font Salem partnerships with the biggest corporations and companies within the food sector, both at the national and the international level.
  • Font Salem boasts a select range of own brand beers, which have been introduced to different international markets.

Font Salem boasts the latest technology and the power of a large volume manufacturer that is committed to the partner product.


Quesos Villadiego produces the artisan Manchego cheese, preserving the authenticity in our raw materials and elaborating our cheeses with raw milk only from our sheep.

Manchego Cheese is a very complete food, which concentrates all the nutritional qualities of milk. It is composed of a high proportion of proteins, which makes it even richer than meat in relation to such substances.

Manchego cheese is the most imitated Spanish cheese and it is one of the most plagiarised within the European Union.

The denomination “Queso Manchego” has to appear on the commercial label and, in addition, the term “Artisan” will be added if the cheese is produced with raw milk.

The Regulatory Board of the Designation of Origin Manchego Cheese is responsible for certifying the conformity of Manchego cheese according to its specifications.

The geographical area covered by the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) occupies 44,000 km2 within the Community of Castilla La Mancha.

Sweets and Marzipans

Dulymaz is a recently established family business with vast experience of over 30 years in the production and sale of marzipan, sweets, and baked patisserie, and ice-cream products.

  • Organic Pastries.
  • Semi-Prepared patisserie and ice-cream products.
  • Nougat and Chocolate.
  • Marzipan, Nougat and Nougat with no added-sugar.
  • Huesos de Santo (traditional Spanish pastry).
  • Handmade Marzipan.

In aims to provide the highest quality at all times, at Dulymaz we carefully select the raw material applied in the production processes to allow our clients to have a product with the same characteristics as if they had made it themselves. It’s our way of providing customized service.

Our newly established facility is located in the industrial area of “Las Viñas” in Malagón, in the province of Ciudad Real, a place where tradition meets the technology able to fulfill our clients’ demands within the timeframe and standards in accordance with control regulations.

Avgvstvs Forvm

In Avgvstvs Forvm we celebrate 30 years sharing our Avgvstvs wines and Forvm vinegars. An artisan task that we elaborate, from generation to generation, with the same illusion as the first day.

These vineyards have an old tradition: between them, there are remains of the most famous Roman way, the Via Avgvsta, that started in Rome and finished in the south of Spain crossing the most important cities on the Mediterranean coast. For all these reasons, we have wanted a tribute to this Roman way naming our winery and our wines Avgvstvs.

Only from high quality wines, the best vinegars are born. With this philosophy, Avgvstvs Forvm has been conquering the most demanding palates and the most renowned chefs in the world for more than 25 years.

FORVM Arbequina is an oil that completes the Forvm product range and was born to enhance all the gastronomic creations you can imagine. Together with Forvm vinegars, they will take your recipes to another level.

Wines, beverages and derivates

Our company is in constant evolution, creating new ideas and developing new products, trying to anticipate to our customer’s needs.

Since 1949 we have offered new products, quality and constant evolution.

Our main goal is to offer quality products at a competitive price.

We offer original and innovative products, creating new market trends.

Some of  the products that we produce are:

  • 18,7cl wine bottle, pilfer cap. 75cl and 1,5L wine bottle with cork or twisted cap.
  • Tinto de Verano in 25cl, crown cap or 1,5L PET screw cap.
  • Sangria in 25cl bottle, crown cap or 1L, 1,5L and 2L pilfer cap.
  • Sparkling wines in bottle 75cl, 375cl with champagne cork, pilfer or screw cap.

Ebesa is always at the forefront in the production of sparkling beverages.

Ebesa has the most advanced machines and tanks to offer the maximum quality and the best product.

Meat & Cheese
7 Hermanos

Cárnicas 7 Hermanos S.A. was born as a family business dedicated to processing fine pork meat products. It is a modern enterprise with more than 50 years of experience in the food industry.

The standard UNE-EN ISO 9001 shows the company’s capacity to provide comprehensive ways, products, and/or services to meet the concrete needs of the clients and the applicable regulations.

To promote the implementation based on processes when it´s developed, implants and improves the efficiency of the quality of a management system based on the continuous improvement cycle PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). 

Our department of I+D  studies the customer’s necessities at a nutritional and market level, creating new products, formats, and commercial presentations. Our obligation is to give always the best quality and the best services.

Industrial Products
Handy Grip

With more than 30 years in the industry, Handy Grip has marked a leadership in the industrial safety market within the Bajío region.

Our company was born in the city of Leon Gto in 1980, starting to manufacture leather for footwear in the industrial corridor of the state of Guanajuato, having as main clients important companies in the footwear industry.

In the year 2000, the project to produce inputs for industrial safety began, and by 2008 the company was already manufacturing leather for industrial gloves for large companies that participated in government tenders.

Since 2010 and until today, it has evolved and has become a unique company in the industrial safety market, since it produces, commercializes leather and manufactures gloves for the national market.

Wineries and Vineyards

The Yllera family has elaborated quality wines for 6 generations.
Currently, our company is managed by a team of professional young people led by the siblings Marcos and Carlos Yllera, and we can be proud of having taken Yllera Bodegas y Viñedos to the top in the wine sector.

Because Group Yllera Bodegas Y Viñedos is an element bequeathed by our founders and because of our current business view, we incorporate social and environmental considerations in the way with making our decisions and in the way we justify the impacts of our decisions and activities to the society. 

We do not hesitate to invest in human resources and the necessary materials, as well as in the performance of research projects which make our company to be at the top of the most innovative food companies in Castilla y León.

  • To use the natural resources responsibly in our operations:
    • To improve our efficiency in the use of water.
    • To improve our efficiency in the use of energy.
    • To reduce the weight of our packaging and residues.
  • To commit to an adequate management of emissions and residues in our elaboration wineries.
  • To promote the environmental education and good practices among our suppliers, employees and their families.

NTD Ingredientes was founded in 1991 in the Dominican Republic; since then we have more than 30 years of experience offering bakery, pastry and Foodservice products.

To be the ingredient of success for all those with whom we interact worldwide, by marketing bakery, confectionery and foodservice products of the highest quality, with integrity and creativity.

Quality, tasty and efficient ingredients.

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Affection.